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Dealing with generated code in HTML

Last night one friend of my calls me to help him with the application they use at the school he works. He wanted to have the final grades less than 70 with red color. It's only a one java-script function he tells me. And it's true. But there is a hidden story in that simple java-script function. First of all. I start checking that the table is a generated table. No problem with this. But then i noticed something funny all the rows have the same ID. WTF was my first impression. <TD class=xl30 id="table1">{rc_ClassAvg1} </TD> <TD class=xl30>>&nbsp;</TD> <TD class=xl30 id="table2">>{rc_ClassAvg2} </TD> <TD class=xl30>&nbsp;</TD> <TD class=xl30 id="table3">{rc_ClassAvg3} </TD> rc_ClassAvg1 generates the code for all the grades, and all the rows it generates come with id=table1. So my simple java-script file had to deal with repeated rows with the same idea.

Scratch for Arduino

Whoa it sounds cool. Everyone knows what Scratch is. The programming language for kids, and almost has an idea what arduino is.But this two names together? It's not possible. Yes is possible, many people complain that is difficult to program in arduino. They will like something simple as the Lego Programming. I was reading yesterday, and discover this: S4A Scratch for Arduino. I haven't try it yet, but I am waiting to get home tonight to test it. I will do some of the tutorials and write about it, if you have test waiting to read your opinion about it.

Adobe has been hacked!

I just read the news in . Adobe has discovered millions of records have been stolen from their database. This is a list of what Adobe has reported: Adobe customer ID Customer name Encrypted passwords Encrypted debit card numbers Encrypted credit card numbers Card expiration date Besides the customer information, they also stole the source code of many of Adobe products, so you will see probably some Adobe Photoshop VX for free. Adobe will be offering a one year complimentary credit monitoring service membership as well as guidance on how to protect against card fraud to all the adobe users. If you want to read more about this check this article .

A bike tour one Saturday on the morning

Finally I could complete this route. It was great ride my bike by 1 hour in the mountain. If you are planning to ride you bike in San Pedro Sula, Honduras you should try this route. Hope to listen your opinions. Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

The fly of an eagle

Like eagles! Wondering how they fly? Srachi this youtube user uploaded a cool video where you can observed the point of view of an eagle. Hope you like it.

Temblor 10 de Abril del 2013 San Pedro Sula

Hace unos 5 minutos atras tipo 13:13 hubo un pequeño temblor en la ciudad de San Pedro Sula Honduras. Aun no hay información exacta de la magnitud de dicho temblor. Comentarios de las demas personas indican que no hay daños ni perdidas humanas. Si desean saber mas del temblor. ( ) El gobierno de Estados Unidos acaba de actualizar su sitio respecto al temblor. Mapa del temblor. Segun 

Giving a try to Google Map Maker

Last month I watch a video on YouTube about Google map maker. It sounds cool contributing on something you know, and many people use. So I decide to start checking Google maps and find one mistake. I report it, at the beginning I though it was going to be reject it. But I was wrong, two days ago I received an email informing me that my suggestion was approved. So if you like Google maps and find some mistake you can edit it go ahead. After this experience with google maps, I will give a try to OpenStreet