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Mostrando entradas de abril, 2014

Understanding Liveness, Readiness and Startup Probes in Kubernetes

 This is a small article about understanding the liveness, readiness and startup in kubernetes.  There's good explanation in the kubernetes documentation: This video also explains well the process: But I wanted to understand it in a practical way. So I have this demo: It's a simple application running on a kubernetes cluster. apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: name: chat-ui spec: replicas: 1 revisionHistoryLimit: 3 selector: matchLabels: app: chat-ui template: metadata: labels: app: chat-ui spec: containers: - image: diegotc/guestbook:20230803-064434 imagePullPolicy: Always nam

My BeagleBone Black has arrived!

Whoa! I have just unpacked my new BeagleBone Black. Right now I am want to test it. During this days, I will try to run Ubuntu on it. :) A special thanks to Jason Kridner for this board!