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Understanding Liveness, Readiness and Startup Probes in Kubernetes

 This is a small article about understanding the liveness, readiness and startup in kubernetes.  There's good explanation in the kubernetes documentation: This video also explains well the process: But I wanted to understand it in a practical way. So I have this demo: It's a simple application running on a kubernetes cluster. apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: name: chat-ui spec: replicas: 1 revisionHistoryLimit: 3 selector: matchLabels: app: chat-ui template: metadata: labels: app: chat-ui spec: containers: - image: diegotc/guestbook:20230803-064434 imagePullPolicy: Always nam

Bone101 Status Week 2

What has been done I have been working on testing the Github API (Getting,Creating, Deleting gist) ajaxorg/node-github I have been working on adding Bootstrap to the project. Working on  alexanderhiam idea . (May 21 18:24:56 ) Working on creating the login library. Using jaredhanson/passport-github Issues I got some personal problems this week that pass. They have been resolved. The login page hasn't been added to the github rep, still having some issues, want to have it 100% so the community can test it. 2 Week Work Finish the login page Have the first demo presentation for creating the cards Confirm with mentors if we're going to use Flickr API for uploading image Beging to write in google docs one tutorial at least, This way David can check it and use it as a real tutorial for testing the app

Bone101 Status 1 Week

Hi Community Last week I got some issues and couldn't present you a status of Bone101. I updated the template and had almost done the final design. You can check it here: The option for the View All, is the one that is giving me some problems. I'm not quite sure if the way that is right now is the proper way of showing it. Personal Observations Planning to change the blue color(, for some orange or some BeagleBoard color. Need to confirm this with Jason. To do for this week I just began to work with the Github API. Need to create a login page for writing tutorials. Need to play around with the Flickr API. Need to confirm with Jason if we're going to use the flickr system for hosting images. Have the option of forking the project. I have to test this. These are my goals for this week.

Lets install Atom in Ubuntu 14.04

I just read that Atom the editor is going open source. So I just installed it and begin playing with it. Important. This is a beta version These are the steps for installing Atom in Ubuntu 14.04 First we need to install and configure nodejs. Install Configure We need to be sure that we have the following versions of install: node.js v0.10.x npm v1.4.x For doing this we do the following: Install Dependencies Install If you get an error like this one "/usr/local/share/atom/atom: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" Do the following: Some images

I have been selected in the GSOC 2014

I know this is not an Ubuntu related post. But I really wanted to share to the Ubuntu Community that I was selected to be part of the Google Summer of Code 2014. Just a special thanks to Paul Tagliamonte (@paultag) told me to continue trying after not being selected last year. April 21st was a great day for me! I received an email from Google informing that my proposal was accepted. I will be working this summer with the  organization. My project is to improve the on-board tutorial enviroment for BeagleBone with live running interactive examples. If you want to read more about the 7 projects of BeagleBone, you can read them here

Ubuntu Honduras in the FLISOL

Ubuntu Honduras was present in the   FLISOL San Pedro Sula There were several presentations in the FLISOL. Ubuntu Honduras team members talk about the following topics: What is Ubuntu Open Hardware C++ with Cocos2dx Backbone.js Besides the 3 speakers, there were members of Informatica Libre helping people installed Ubuntu and other GNU/Linux distributions to the people who wished to have a GNU/Linux version. There were aproximately 300 people in this event. Many of them were high school students. This event help students understand the importance of Free Software in our daily life. To know What is FLISOL? FLISOL, an acronym for Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre (Latin American free software install fest), is the biggest event for spreading Software Libre since 2005, performed simultaneously in different countries of Latin America. FLISOL San Pedro Sula (FLISOL SPS) This is a newspaper article talking about FLISOL The FLISOL took