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martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Bone101 Status 1 Week

Hi Community
Last week I got some issues and couldn't present you a status of Bone101.

I updated the template and had almost done the final design. You can check it here: http://diegotc.github.io/bone101/Support/GSOC/template.html
The option for the View All, is the one that is giving me some problems. I'm not quite sure if the way that is right now is the proper way of showing it.

Personal Observations
  • Planning to change the blue color(http://diegotc.github.io/bone101/Support/GSOC/BLINKINGTUTORIALS/Blink.html), for some orange or some BeagleBoard color. Need to confirm this with Jason.
To do for this week

  • I just began to work with the Github API. Need to create a login page for writing tutorials.
  • Need to play around with the Flickr API. Need to confirm with Jason if we're going to use the flickr system for hosting images.
  • Have the option of forking the project. I have to test this.

These are my goals for this week.

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