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Mostrando entradas de marzo, 2011

Some MIPS 32 Exercise

Finally my semester at university is over. This was one of the topics we saw on on Computer Organization and Design course. I will live you the link where you could found some exercise of the ones I saved (I did accidentally shift delete to the folder of the course :( ) HERE All exercise are done in MIPS 32 and all the exercise are solve in a recursive way. If you are beginning on MIPS, they are very useful :)

Install Office 2007 in Ubuntu

Long time ago, I was wondering if it was possible to install the office 2007 in ubuntu, and after some investigation I discovered that it was possibles. Steps The first things we have to do is to install the latest wine version. We download it here After that we install the wine tricks. We download it here We execute the winetrick command and its going to appear this window We have to select the fallowing and we click Accept. winetricks dotnet11 *winetricks gdiplus *winetricks vb3run *winetricks vb4run *winetricks vb5run *winetricks vb6run *winetricks msxml3 *winetricks msxml4 *winetricks msxml6 *winetricks riched20 *winetricks riched30 *winetricks vcrun6 *winetricks vcrun2005 *winetricks vcrun2005sp1 and after we have it ready. Here its a picture :) And that's all. Want to read this in spanish (¿Quieres leerlo en español?) Aqui .

Instalar Office 2007 en Ubuntu usando Wine

Ya días me preguntaba esto. Y si se puede. ¿Como? Bueno buscando en google y aquí les digo como. Pasos Primero lo que tenemos que hacer es instalar la ultima versión del wine. Aqui Después descargamos el winetricks. Aquí Abrimos la consola y escribimos el siguiente comando: winetricks Despues selecionamos los siguientes winetricks dotnet11 *winetricks gdiplus *winetricks vb3run *winetricks vb4run *winetricks vb5run *winetricks vb6run *winetricks msxml3 *winetricks msxml4 *winetricks msxml6 *winetricks riched20 *winetricks riched30 *winetricks vcrun6 *winetricks vcrun2005 *winetricks vcrun2005sp1 Y listo. Aqui hay unas fotos. Y eso es todo!!

Solucionar “Servicio de suscripción activa” Blackberry o Reload Software: 552

Este post va para todas las personas que tienen un blackberry y tienen problemas para actualizar el SO. Se preguntaran problemas? Si solo es de darle click a next y listo. Pero resulta que pueden tener ciertos problemitas. Como cuales? 1. Cuando le dan click a Actualizar nos sale este error “Servicio de suscripción activa” y se dan cuenta que al momento que entramos a no sale nuestro pais. :( 2. Tenemos un error de reload software 552 En estos casos buscando en google encontre muchas soluciones las cuales ninguna me funcionaron lo cual me llevo a borrar todos mis datos :( Que ocupamos? El Sistema Operativo para nuestro celular. Donde lo conseguiemos? AQUI (Buscamos nuestra compañia provedora y listo) La ultima version del Desktop Software. AQUI Ahora que hacemos? Facil, instalamos el sistema operativo(Es da darle doble click siguiente y siguiente). Despues reiniciamos la computadora, abrimos el Desktop Software nos aparecera la opcion de instalar el SO. Y el m

Ubuntu Honduras on TV

Hi guys Well finally I could write this article, almost one month ago, exactly Febraury 5 2011 Ubuntu Honduras did an event called the Ubuntu Hack. But what is the cool thing about this?? Well Campus TV is a national tv channel and with a program they have called e-comerce. The guys of e-comerce went to the event and five days later some members of the community went to the channel and where part of the program. You can see the tv program on the fallowing links: I am so sorry to write about this until right now, but I got several problems with my blog, but I fixed them :)

New Domain, New Blog, and welcome back google

Whoa Finally!!! I bought a domain at the begging of the year, and well until right now I am using it :) I return to google products, I am going to use blogspot and and google sites together. Why? Well I like google products and I never advanced with my html course. So I will use one that is done :p and google very useful :) If you will like to follow my blog, go ahead :) :)