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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2014

My experience of the Google Summer of Code

I know the program ended, almost a month ago. But I haven't had the opportunity of sharing my thoughts of the GSOC 2014. This summer, I coded for the organization. It was a great experience. It was my third time trying to be part of the GSOC, and finally I was accepted. The main idea of the project is a platform for viewing and creating tutorials. You can see it here . Right now I'm working on migrating this to Jekyll . This is the next step the BeagleBoard community is taking. After the program finish I convinced Jason Kridner cofounder of the to give a small hangout about what's, talk about the Beagle Bone Black and his view of the organizations. Why I decide to talk with Jason, so he can give a talk? Well for motivating more Honduran students to involve on the open source moment. I was the first Honduran Student, that was part of the Google Summer of Code . Hope this motivates more Honduran student.