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How I miss you Synaptic!

Several years  have passed since we saw the Synaptic included in Ubuntu. You can found reasons here .
So in a clear english the reason was to have a better add/remove program for users. A friendly application. The explanation sounds good, I didn't complain about that, until right now. Ubuntu has change a lot, it's really a friendly user OS.

I have use CLI when necessary, but today I couldn't believe it.
I'm a Google Chrome user, I know you will tell me it's not open source or I should use Chromium or FF. But no. I'm a user of Google Chrome, and many people also prefer Chrome over Chromium, so why it should be quite complex remove it? If Ubuntu wants to be more friendly user why you should use the terminal for removing one of the most popular web browsers? I could understand if is a browser few people use, a good reason. But not a popular browser, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers on the world!

A screen shot of the Ubuntu Software Center, trying to remove Google Chrome.
No results, not even a message telling no results found. This is not a friendly user application!

So, I decided to check Synaptic to see if it was possible to remove Google Chrome yes it's so simple.

So please tell me, I'm wrong or I'm right. What's your opinion?


  1. Something is not right. I typed "Chrome" in the search and after clicking "Show 31 technical items" I was able to uninstall Google Chrome.

    1. That's strange, do you have an extra configuration? I have Ubuntu install by default.

    2. Normal Ubuntu 14.04. I installed Chome by downloading .deb (64bit) file from and that's it.

    3. I did the the same, but I can't remove it from the Ubuntu Software Center

    4. Oh, just noticed your screenshot is from "Installed" tab. There I can't find Chrome, but it is shown in "All Software" tab. Weird and stupid.

  2. Of course it does not work. app-install-data only ships files for packages shipped with Ubuntu. And because of that, Chrome is not recognized as a graphical application, but treated like a normal package.

    1. I know that. My point is they took synaptic because the Ubuntu Software Center was going to be better, a more friendly user application, and at the end, it doesn't work for removing one of the most popular browsers on the web

  3. If you didn't use Ubuntu Software Center to install Chrome, I think it's reasonable to then find that Ubuntu Software Center cannot remove it.

    Sure, it'd be nice if it could. But given that it specifically tries to make things simpler, supporting complex things you did that it doesn't support has no need to be a priority.

    1. I understand your point, but if you need to use CLI for removing the most popular browser there's an issue.

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